Needy Needs For Quarantine

These are some things I need for quarantine.


1. That puppy is Dutchess, my stuffed animal.

2. The Xbox controller is there because I like Xbox.

3. The thread and felt are there because I like crafting.

4. The huge teddy bear is there because she helps me sleep.

5. The goggles are there because I like to swim in the pond.

6. The hot cocoa is there because it’s sooooo yummy.

7 & 8. The book and iPad are there because I would get bored without them.

9. I forgot one thing: Nutella. I love Nutella it’s sooooo good.


What do you connect with on my list?

What are some of your important essentials?



4 thoughts on “Needy Needs For Quarantine

  1. Dear Lucky Lama,

    I love this is so creative. The big bear is so cute. I see you have a whiteboard what do you use it for?

    What is your favorite thing out of all of them?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Pancake Wizard.

  2. My girls drink hot chocolate every morning! It is definitely comforting to them! I prefer coffee 🙂

    I hope you’ll get to add some more fun things to this list over the summer!!

  3. Dear Lucky Llama,

    I agree that people need a big bear to sleep with. I sleep with a big bear called Brownie. I got Brownie for Christmas in 2017. My sister has a big blonde bear named Suzy.

    What is your bear’s name?

    Your tomato friend,
    Tomato Salad

  4. Lucky Llama I love that you took the quarantine essentials challenge too. My students also had a lot of fun with it. It was a nice way for me to get to know them a little better. I love that you have googles in your top 12. I am a regular swimmer and I miss my goggles a lot because all of our public pools are closed right now. That certainly is one really big stuffed bear too. I am curious though, what one thing do you wish you had in the quarantine essentials that you don’ t have access to right now? Keep safe!

    Ms. Lirenman
    Vancouver, Canada

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